Plutonia Blue | Mia Anter

28/12/2014 by Bedour

I met Mia sometime last year while I was still living in Istanbul. She was visiting family that lived there. We ran in the same circles and instantly hit it off - I was immediately mesmerized by this little dark fairy creature and knew she had something special brewing deep inside underneath what the naked-eye couldn't reach. Fast-forward a year or so and here we both are. Plutonia Blue truly embodies Mia or shall I say Mia truly embodies Plutonia Blue.

Young Scorpio Moon Turk living in Brooklyn plagued by an insatiable appetite and a penchant for fucking with people.

A jeweler with a knack and an eye for creating pieces as if they were futuristic ancient relics excavated from sunken city ruins.

"Metal as a medium has immense power - these pieces are forged with flames. To me they are metaphysical weapons, talismans that are not for pacifists. They have weight to them, which somehow feels like they exist more. I developed a strange habit of sleeping with them under my pillow, they appear in my dreams. Every piece I make is some sort of symbol extracted from that mindscape. I've woken up with wounds because of this habit."

Mia has been a maker and a collector for as far as she can remember:

"I moved to NYC because I was burning alive - I needed to be somewhere where this fire could be matched, fueled, and championed. I saw a vision of a naked woman with lightning bolt hands at the bottom of my Turkish coffee. Two weeks later my muse/mentor took a chance on me. Suzannah [Wainhouse] let me use her studio to work on my own pieces - having that space, those tools, and the encouragement was game changing. This job was a pivotal moment on my hero's journey, I still can't believe it really happened."


"While living in Istanbul, Miami and Boston - I shed layers, explored, and pushed myself. Now, in NYC, I'm self-actualizing once again. I think people have a misconception about this city, that it exists to break you down or weed out the weak and that it's full of assholes. But, really, it's only a circus - the sacred spectacle - full of ringleaders, puppets, and clowns. There are a lot of freak flags flying in this corner of the planet. Also, a lot of assholes.

Anything and everything that is tattered and twinkly | Mia's daily looks consist of : boots, fur, leather & jet black hair.

"My identity is fluid but I definitely gravitate towards costume more than uniform. I vacillate between looking like a swamp-creature of the night to a Bond Girl assassin to a complete idiot in a polka-dot clown suit. I have a vast collection of real insect jewelry, too much lingerie, and 3 shades of green nail polish.


"Why the hell not"

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