How it came to be

Wolff Story


Bedour; a name of Arabic origin which translates into full moon

When Bedour thinks of the full moon, she immediately acquaints it with her naturally summoned spirit animal: A wolf. A female wolf. A SHE WOLF.

She-wolves are pack leaders. They have strong characters and a take-no-bullshit approach to life—all the qualities she admires, aspires to embody, and believes that all modern women should aim to own.

And that’s how she raised herself, her pack and most of all, her brand (and cub): WOLFF APPAREL. 


Women all over the world are faced with sexist expectations and limitations, forced to obey rules that make their insides curl. What to wear, how to act; everything we do is constantly criticized. There is an Arabic saying, كل ماذا يعجبك وإلبس ماذا يعجبه الناس, which translates to Eat what you like and wear what people like. A proverb that essentially stands for conforming to society (don’t offend others). 

Well, you know what we say to that? We will eat what we like, wear what we like, do what we like, and damn well say what we like; society will have to deal with that. We're not dimming our light for anyone.

We at WOLFF constantly challenge the rules, and encourage you to join us in doing so. Together, the moon itself won’t break us. 

So go ahead, rebel. Revolt. Change. Dream. Do. It’s your calling, and it’s waiting on you. 


A label that pours from the soul. 

We’ve hunted far and wide. We’ve scoured the globe. Using the finest of fabrics and inspiration, we’ve created a collection using our own style and designs. Fairly priced with uncompromised quality. 

All to make sure that when you step out into the world every morning, or night, it’s on your own terms. No one can stop you. You are WOLFF.  

The She-wolves