How it came to be

Wolff Story

WOLFF was derived from Motherwolff's name, Bedour, a name of Arabic origin which translates into full moon. When she thinks of the full moon she immediately acquaints it with a wolf, a female wolf, a she-wolf. She-wolves have strong characters, are pack leaders and have a take no bullshit approach to life - all the qualities that she admires, aspires to embody, and believes that all modern women should aim to have.

Women, no matter what region of the world they're from, always have certain sexist expectations, limitations, and rules that are placed upon them. What we wear, how we act, what we do and what we don't do is constantly criticized.

We broke the rules. We constantly break the rules. And we are here to tell you : go ahead, do your thing ma.

Rebel against whatever you want to, wear whatever you want to, do whatever you want to and most importantly, follow your dreams, your vision, and your calling.

There is an arabic saying كل ماذا يعجبك وإلبس ماذا يعجبه الناس which translates into 'eat what you like and wear what people like' which is a proverb that essentially stands for conforming to society, don't wear/do/say something that might offend others.

Well, you know what we say to that? We will eat what we like, wear what we like, do what we like, and damn well say what we like and society will have to deal with that - because we're not dimming our light for nobody.

WOLFF Apparel's sole purpose is to scour the globe and provide you with the illest brands and pieces to aid you in the process of building a unique wardrobe and to make sure that when you step out into the world every morning it is on your own terms.

Electric blue faux fur jacket over your 9-5 bank job ensemble? do it. Vintage leather jumpsuit to teach your Kindergarten class? rock it. Print on print body-con two-piece to the boardroom? kill it.

Welcome to the Pack, Ladies!

The She-wolves